Using plaster of Paris on the walls

Over the ages, designers have turned to Plaster of Paris (POP) to add an extra dimension to ceilings and walls. Here’s a guide to using this versatile medium in your home décor.

POP Punning

Apartment walls are often uneven. You might have been told that a layer of POP punning would help to even out the surface. What your painter will essentially do is to apply a slurry of POP paste on the walls and smoothen it out using a trowel. Once it has dried, they will use fine sandpaper to get a near-perfect satin-smooth finish on the walls.


We have professional painters scheduled to paint your home, you can save some money and get a better paint job by prepping the space beforehand. Painters work best in a room that’s clean, decluttered and covered to protect from paint spills. Doing this before they arrive takes some of the workload off of them so that all they have to do when they get there is drape, tape and paint.