As we begin to reconnect with our friends and families, decorate your home with a few conversation starters. Place a funky piece of furniture or a mosaic design coffee tray to get the conversation flowing with your guests. Keep a board game that doubles up as a decor item on your dinner table to bring play into your home. Give your interiors a musical boost with a sleek record player that you can keep next to your favourite vinyls.

Get an excuse to talk about your music collection or have an impromptu dance party. Show off your personal taste with decorating your walls with bright artwork. Take it up a notch and display something you painted! Let your personality shine through with select statement pieces.

Stay connected to your community by shopping from local stores and independent artists. Support the rich legacy of craftsmanship in India by buying ethnic decor.

There will always be trends in luxury interior design. Minimalism, maximalism, rustic vogue, mid-century modern, traditional, bohemian, farmhouse chic, industrial, art deco – the list is endless.

A top trend in luxury interior design in 2021 is lavish comfort. Make your home feel cozy and inviting by heaping large cushions and fleece lined blankets on your sofas. Go all out and add knits, faux furs, and velvets into your interiors. Put your vacation photographs in gold rimmed frames on a polished cherry wood side table. Elevate your dining experience with a contemporary chandelier giving you light as you dine. You deserve a little pampering after all!