Water Proofing Solution

Elevation of the house identifies the lifestyle of the people living within it.

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We do the work of Water Proofing Solution. There are the a variety of products and solvents available that protect one’s home from leakage problems. Dr. Fixit Roof seal is a specialised solution that can be used to protect roof leakage problems. It forms a liquid waterproofing membrane for new roofs and even bridges roof-cracks of up to 2mm.

Today, there are many materials available to choose from, for waterproofing a flat roof. In the past several years liquid applied membranes proved to be a feasible, economical and more environmentally friendly solution. When searching throughout various roof “coatings”, as these materials are commonly called, roofing contractors realize that not all are created equal.

There are a few general categories of liquid applied membranes for roofing, each of these categories including large varieties of products to choose from. Most of today roof coatings provide the benefits of reflexive white color, which redirect away much of the UV rays and lower the temperature of the roof during direct sun exposure, characteristics known as Cool Roof.