The owner of this project, Mr. Narration (Founder & Director of Sleepless society & Chandelier music), fell in love at first sight after seeing this location. Panoramic view of the lake, spotting from this site, plays an important role in reminding him of his ideal house, where it has been blissfully surrounded by nature, between the lake and the sky, like staying in a wonderful private resort, which makes dwellers don’t want to go anywhere.

Project Description

The containers function as storage that members can access from outside the envelope, the structure of the second floor, a central conference room with views of the Rocky Mountains, and entry portals to the building. The base is then wrapped with a pre-engineered metal building. Continuous ribbon windows, maximizing the structural nature of the lightweight envelope, provide views out and let daylight in.

  • DATE
    January 08, 2018
    DynamicLayers Company
    Contruction, Brading
    John Doe